Saint Mary’s Mother of Our Savior Holy Trinity Catholic Church and
Sisterhood of the Tabernacle Superior Convent

The setting for “Who is Phoebe White?” consists of the common room of an old Convent rectory located in a rural mountainous region of a northern state. The decor is conservative and aged with Gothic and religious influences as if it were once a mansion. The region’s economic decline and consequent loss of parishioners has caused the Convent to fall into a shabby, worn state of disrepair that only hints of its earlier grandeur. At the center is a large fireplace with a small make-shift kitchen to its left. Adjacent to
the kitchen is the main entrance from outside, a large mahogany door. To the left of the entrance is a large picture window over looking fields and to its left is a staircase leading up to the dorms. To the right of the fireplace is a wall of religious artifacts that have been attached in a “rock climbing” fashion. Next is a door leading to the Mother Superior’s quarters, above it is a frosted transom. Further to the right are piles of boxes leading to the unkempt office area containing Mother Superior’s desk and cabinet.


Note: This diagram is not a set design, but rather an indication of furniture and their approximate locations. While this is the layout the author has envisioned, any number of solutions that take into account the “getting from point A to point B” scene may be realized.



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