Mother Superior Penelope
A spry energetic aged woman with bottle thick eye glasses who sometimes seems easily confused, however shows signs of great insight. She is the Convent’s Mother Superior and is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations. She is ‘old school’ and stern yet compassionate.

Ruby (Rudy)
A young half Jamaican, half Costa Rican woman who is the Convent’s grounds keeper. She often wears men’s overalls, sports a manly haircut and has a masculine demeanor. She doesn’t offer information until asked. She is cool as a cucumber and her moves are calculated to conserve energy. Mother Superior consistently refers to her (Ruby) as a man (Rudy). She is dry of humor yet ardent for natures “bountiful harvest...”

Sister Agnes
A sarcastic middle-aged plump woman who is a realist with common sense. She often worries, but can be found concocting solutions to head off impending disasters. She loves to reminisce about her past and sometimes acts and says things out of character for a nun. She is next in line to become Mother Superior.

Sister Laura
A young thin naive woman, fairly new to the Convent. She is innocent and idealistic to a fault. She is good-natured and goes along with the “schemes” of her superiors. She loves cooking and eating and is often found sneaking snacks or communion wine from hidden compartments in her habit.


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